Sale & Purchase of the Vessels

We support Buyers or Sellers in whole process of S&P, i.e. from carrying out the requested research till finalization of the deal.

Chartering & Contracting

We support parties in conluding charter or contract agreements in shipping business.


We provide reports and certificates of the vessel's market value.

Project Finance & EU Funds

We support shipping business in preparing and fulfilling documentation in order to obtain loans, funds etc.

Analytics, market research & forecasting

We are providing shipping market reports and analysis, which are necessary in leading day to day maritime business as well as making long-term strategic decision.

Shipping & Trading

We take part in shipping & trading activities.

Digital Maritime Investments

We give the opportunity for individual as well as institutional investors to participate in maritime investments projects.

Marine Insurance arrangements

We are able to support you in reviewing contract and charter parties in view of insurance requirements and obligations. We can provide you with marine insurance solutions and arrangements using recommended insurance broker's facilities. 
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