We are company dedicated for Maritime Industry, providing comprehensive commercial and information solutions in area of shipping. 
Our scope of activity: 
  •  S&P 
  •  Chartering & Contracting 
  •  Shipping & Trading 
  •  Project Finance & EU Funds 
  •  Valuations 
  •  Analytics, Forecasting & Research 
  •  Ship Management Software Solutions 
 We are also active as an investor and project manager on international shipping markets.

MASCO Investments Sp. z o.o. is a member of Baltic Sea & Space Cluster.

Giving added value to customers

MASCO's brands are delivering modern and flexible solutions for shipping.  

Dynamic environment, changes in international regulations, trade wars, global depression make nowadays the shipping industry very challenging for all parties.  

Our goal is to support our maritime Client’s business in a flexible way in order to make their decisions accurate. That’s why we are focusing on commercial aspects of shipping, which are the key areas of existence on the market. Having wide experience, deep knowledge and passion we are ready to support you in order to provide services related to: professional market analysis, ship’s valuations, financing, buying, selling, chartering your ship. 

In all above mentioned areas we are also able to invent for you and arrange necessary software facility, which could be used for the project purposes or in your daily activity. 

At our work we put an effort on ethics and eco solutions, what meet current and future expectations for shipping industry. 

I encourage you to cooperate with MASCO and I’m sure that our activity and cooperation will bring you plenty of benefits and possibilities for growth. 

 Chief Executive Officer
 Radosław MARCINIAK 

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